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iPhone 3G review

An iPhone 3G review
By Bob.

I’d like to preface this by saying that I am not an Apple fanboy. I don’t own a Mac (I have a homemade PC with Vista on it) and I’ve never owned an iPod (I have a Zune and before that, a Dell DJ), so the concept of buying an Apple cell phone is a bit odd for me. However, I don’t have any allegiance to any specific cellphone makers – I just want the best cell phone for me.


Meet The Robinsons – Xbox 360 – Review

Meet the Robinson was that hit movie from last year from Disney I thought it would start doing a few kid games to help even out all the adult games reviews. So here is my review for this game cross your fingers most movie games tend to be very bad lets see if this game fixes that.


Viva piñata Trouble in paradise – Xbox 360 review

Viva piñata I’m guessing everyone has seen this game before since it was all over TV and than it had a sleeper hit game last year that came out of left field. Now their back with Trouble in paradise Time to review this game could it live up to it’s already good standing? Let’s find out


Universe at War -Xbox 360 – Review

Well, I’ve been one of those waiting for a RTS to come to a console that was actually playable I recently got universe at war for my birthday so I thought let’s see if it lives up to the hype machine Microsoft has been promising the world with its cross platform PC to 360 games so let’s see how this game lives up to its hype.


Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 – PSP – Review

I’m one of those Naurto Fans like a lot of people and I’ve been playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2  So i thought I would give the 2ndgame to the test so it’s time to get dirty with the ninja’s.