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Wii – Condoms? Or Remote Jacket accessories ?

Wii , I guess some people started throwing their controllers through TV’s and damaging property so now Nintendo is offering what they call protective ‘gloves’ that go around the Wii Remotes.   More like a Wii condom here’s the down low on them. Time to put them to the test!



Review: Decal Girl Sexy Girl Skin for DS Lite


Who’s a perv? I’m a perv thats who! yes I wanted to try out one of these 9 dollar skins from decal girl and the half naked sexy girl skin was the one for me!


Stranglehold – Xbox 360

A John woo Epic? Well I’ll put it through it’s Trials  It’s Based off a Movie called hard Boiled From the Early 90’s  The game is about John Woo a Cop that is trying to take down a Drug lord . Epic or Bomb?

Time to get Down to business


Guest Review of: Matrix PSP Skin from decalgirl

Posting a review by a friend of ours, Idgit and his experience with his skin for his psp!

First, a bit of history about my PSP, because I can.


I received my PSP as a birthday present 2 years ago, just a few short months after the PSP was released. When I got it, the first thing I did was I went out and got a few games, then the “shield” that covers the top of the PSP, then, frustrated with the battery life, I bought the extended life battery. After that, it was only games for a few months until I stopped playing with it and it then sat in favor of DS and other console games.

Cabela’s Trophy Bucks – Xbox 360

Is this just another Hunting game? or just a Piece of Crap that’s 39.99?

Well, I Really Enjoyed the last Cabela’s African Safari  It was one of the best Hunting games I’ve played in years.  Now I’m Putting Trophy bucks on to see if it lives up to the Hype of the last one or will it be a Piece of crap?


Half life 2: Portal REVIEW!

Following closely on the heels of the HL2 Ep2 Review is the Portal review. Since this comes packaged with orange box, it’s a no brainer i’d be reviewing it here.

Lets get picky!

Actually This won’t be a huge indepth review becuase portal is well.. not a large or deep in scope game. That really is my only gripe about it! It’s fairly short.

The game begins with you in a small room with glass windows, a test subject. Remeniscent of THX-1138. All you have is an alarm clock and some kind of sleeping pod and then a female digital, yet harmonicly pleasent, voice comes over the intercomm. It begins to instruct you on what to do. And it keeps instructing you. That is essentially the game. There is no real fast paced action, no guys to shoot and kill, no guns to shoot at all actually. Except for the small portal unit you will get.


Half life 2 Episode 2 Review!

It’s finally arrived! later than expected. Half life 2 Episode 2 and Portal!

 Starting off our first review here at Picky Ass Gamer is a game that, well, was hard for me to be picky over! Lets start off with Half life 2 Ep2.

When we last left our hero, he was on a train escaping the city before the large explosion took place at the citidel. Did he survive? Well obviously or we wouldn’t be here 🙂 The episode starts out with you in the train wreckage trying to get out and alex outside helping you. (there was a small re-cap of previous events since it has been a while for some of us)