Half life 2: Portal REVIEW!

Following closely on the heels of the HL2 Ep2 Review is the Portal review. Since this comes packaged with orange box, it’s a no brainer i’d be reviewing it here.

Lets get picky!

Actually This won’t be a huge indepth review becuase portal is well.. not a large or deep in scope game. That really is my only gripe about it! It’s fairly short.

The game begins with you in a small room with glass windows, a test subject. Remeniscent of THX-1138. All you have is an alarm clock and some kind of sleeping pod and then a female digital, yet harmonicly pleasent, voice comes over the intercomm. It begins to instruct you on what to do. And it keeps instructing you. That is essentially the game. There is no real fast paced action, no guys to shoot and kill, no guns to shoot at all actually. Except for the small portal unit you will get.



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