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Tomb Raider Anniversary (PC) review.

Okay let me first start off by saying that I took screenshots but apparently they like to hide them in some deep dark cave in your computer file structure cuz i’ll be damned if i could find them. I guess that ensures a sequel, PC RAIDER! Anyways no pix for j00. Sorry!

So Lara is back.. Well sorta.. It’s a remake of her original first tomb raider, and for the most part is well done! well.. Mostly…



PSP slim (2000) reviewed! (mill and jinx)

Sony just recently released the new Slimed and Lighter and a new and Brighter screen with new clear buttons and bundle with some Great hits! The other day i walked in to Toys r us and I Spotted the starwars Bunle with the Dark vader Decal with the game Battlefront Renegade Squadron. It’s my first PSP so time to review it!

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