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ThrillVille Off the Rails – PSP – Review

Everyones proubly seen these games like theme park tycoon this game goes to a cute style aimed at mini games and mini micro management I’ve been really wanting to try this after i seen some other reviews of it so i thought what the hell let’s try this thing out see if it really lives to the hype everyone has pushed on it.



Jackass The Game – PSP – Review

Everyone in the world has seen jackass in some way. This is the game we’re you take control get to be the whole gang and pull off stunts and play as a director Well i was really eager to try this one since I’ve seen the commercials for it at E3 last year and a few ads on magazines Let’s Put it to The test and see if it’s really worth the time and hype?


Updates & What Millenniums Been playing

Sorry I haven’t posted any new reviews as of late. I’l be posting the following In a few days Working on finishing all these games

I’m working on finishing right now

360 – Mass effect , Rockband

PSP – Family guy , Jackass the game , Atari Collection , Slient hill , WWE Raw vs smackdown 08 , ThrillVille

DS – Legend of Zelda : Phantom hour glass

Wii – Mario Galaxy

PC – COD 4 (My personal review of it) , Crysis , Universe at War Earth Assualt, Unreal Tournament 3

REVIEW: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Ahh the holidays pass like bullets wizzing past your ears.. As now is the time for Call of Duty 4. Of course i am a first person shooter fan so naturally i picked the console best for this game, THE PC! Does this call of Duty live up the hype of those before it? In a nutshell, yes.



Rockband Or not? A sad day!

I was Planning on reviewing Rockband In the next few days But I’m like many of us Who has a Defective Guitar. So Just a heads up Rockband Will be Reviewed. till then i’ve got a bunch of other reviews i’l post till i get my RMA back from EA and MTV.

To bad the Game so far is Great Except for the faulty equpment. More reviews Comming so stay tunes!

Calbela’s Big Game Hunter – XBox 360 – Review

Well like you can tell i enjoy hunting games except for the last cabela’s hunting Game (Trophy Bucks) witch… really really sucked. So i was really scared about buying this game. But we have a job to our readers So i bought the game. Let’s get the verdict if it’s good or bad?



Medal of Honor Heroes 2 – PSP – Reviewed

I’ve been a big fan of the older medal of honor games so i thought i give this game a try and it might surprise you since it’s a portable edition can it really hold up to it’s big brothers on the consoles and on the pc? time to get to reviewing!