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HP w2408h 24-inch LCD – Review

I Recently built a new pc and to really show it off i spotted this nice HP lcd and i had to have it 1920×1200 1080p i wanted something for gaming but also something that would fit perfectly on a desk and also look good while doing it. Here is my review of this LCD



Razer – Piranha Stereo Gaming Headset – Reviewed

A lot of gamers like my self have seen these in stores usually really expensive or just lack of quality or you we’re stuck with a logitech Headset that falls apart in a month. Well i decided to buy these and replace my old logitech and it’s time to get to reviewing these.


Army of Two – Review – Xbox 360

This game Kinda came out of no where i seen video of it from E3 and it looked like a Gears of war style game. Now it’s out and it’s time to get down and dirty and review this beast


Mario Kart: Mario Kart Wii Hits US On April 27

It’s launching on April 27, 2008 Much better. By my watch that has it 16 days after the European release

Bully – Xbox 360 – Review

Well I bet everyone’s seen or heard of bully it’s made by the guys at rockstar games (makers of the grand theft auto series) well I seen a few pictures of this game and I can’t wait for GTA so I decided to pick it up and give it a go well now it’s time to get down and dirty with this review because this is going to get really dirty!