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Beats – PSP – Reviewed

I’ve never heard of beats till the other day when I noticed it.  thought what the hell ill give it a try. Might be worth it or not let’s find it out is it just another music rhythm game?



Lego Starwars 2 – PSP – Review

Well, it’s been out for a while and i started watching the star wars movie so i had a urge to play it and thought what the hell let’s review it. Time to get Dirty with The Lego Universe


Mario Party DS – Reviewed

I bet everyone’s at least tried Mario party at some point the addicting mini games and usually pretty fun game play. last few years they been pumping them out faster and faster now this time it’s on the DS time to see if this one’s a winner or just another loser?


Two worlds – Xbox 360 – Review

This was one of those games were EA seen oblivion and thought they could one up the competitors let’s see if this thing stacks up verse well with the other RPGs on the Xbox 360.


*REVIEW* Uncharted: Drakes Fortune for the ps3

I first played Drakes Fortune 2 or 3 months before i received my copy via the demo released on the ps3 network. I remember at the time commenting that the game felt alot like tomb raider and gears of war smashed together in a blender then topped off with some Indiana Jones whipping cream..