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Universe at War -Xbox 360 – Review

Well, I’ve been one of those waiting for a RTS to come to a console that was actually playable I recently got universe at war for my birthday so I thought let’s see if it lives up to the hype machine Microsoft has been promising the world with its cross platform PC to 360 games so let’s see how this game lives up to its hype.



Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 – PSP – Review

I’m one of those Naurto Fans like a lot of people and I’ve been playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2  So i thought I would give the 2ndgame to the test so it’s time to get dirty with the ninja’s. 


Geometry wars 2 – Xbox 360 Arcade – Review

Everyone who has an Xbox 360 has seen Geometry wars It was included with Project Gotham Racing 2. Well Bizarre is back with Geometry wars 2 let’s see if this one lives up to its older brother. So I decided to review the game after i seen a few other good reviews going. Time to get our hands dirty



Pickyass gamer’s own facebook group!

I Recently set up a pickyass gamer facebook group Everyone should join it’s got RSS and tells when the site gets updated.