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Contra 4 – DS – Review

I remember playing Contra back when i was 7 on my NES system finally a remake has came out and it’s time to get dirty with this girl



New DS Lite colors Coming out soon

June For Europe and No ETA for the USA. I want the GREEN ONE!!!

Mario Party DS – Reviewed

I bet everyone’s at least tried Mario party at some point the addicting mini games and usually pretty fun game play. last few years they been pumping them out faster and faster now this time it’s on the DS time to see if this one’s a winner or just another loser?


Zelda Feather Stylus – Reviewed!

Zelda Phantom Hour Glass had a Little bonus a Stylus Shaped like a Fearther that some people got. Time to put it to the trials of use and see how great it really be? Time to Review this Thing!

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Review: Decal Girl Sexy Girl Skin for DS Lite


Who’s a perv? I’m a perv thats who! yes I wanted to try out one of these 9 dollar skins from decal girl and the half naked sexy girl skin was the one for me!