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Mario Kart: Mario Kart Wii Hits US On April 27

It’s launching on April 27, 2008 Much better. By my watch that has it 16 days after the European release


*REVIEW* Super Mario Galaxy for the wii.

Alright… anyone who bought a wii has probably been waiting for some good landmark titles to come out.. I know i have.. Sure i picked up metroid (haven’t had time to review it yet), but mario has been one of those titles i was looking foward too, and as the reviews started to trickle in with huge gleaming stars and 9.0+’s abound.. it was hard to figure it was a game I could possibly have any issue with…..


Wii – Condoms? Or Remote Jacket accessories ?

Wii , I guess some people started throwing their controllers through TV’s and damaging property so now Nintendo is offering what they call protective ‘gloves’ that go around the Wii Remotes.   More like a Wii condom here’s the down low on them. Time to put them to the test!