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Updates & What Millenniums Been playing

Sorry I haven’t posted any new reviews as of late. I’l be posting the following In a few days Working on finishing all these games

I’m working on finishing right now

360 – Mass effect , Rockband

PSP – Family guy , Jackass the game , Atari Collection , Slient hill , WWE Raw vs smackdown 08 , ThrillVille

DS – Legend of Zelda : Phantom hour glass

Wii – Mario Galaxy

PC – COD 4 (My personal review of it) , Crysis , Universe at War Earth Assualt, Unreal Tournament 3


REVIEW: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Ahh the holidays pass like bullets wizzing past your ears.. As now is the time for Call of Duty 4. Of course i am a first person shooter fan so naturally i picked the console best for this game, THE PC! Does this call of Duty live up the hype of those before it? In a nutshell, yes.



Calbela’s Big Game Hunter – XBox 360 – Review

Well like you can tell i enjoy hunting games except for the last cabela’s hunting Game (Trophy Bucks) witch… really really sucked. So i was really scared about buying this game. But we have a job to our readers So i bought the game. Let’s get the verdict if it’s good or bad?



Tomb Raider Anniversary (PC) review.

Okay let me first start off by saying that I took screenshots but apparently they like to hide them in some deep dark cave in your computer file structure cuz i’ll be damned if i could find them. I guess that ensures a sequel, PC RAIDER! Anyways no pix for j00. Sorry!

So Lara is back.. Well sorta.. It’s a remake of her original first tomb raider, and for the most part is well done! well.. Mostly…


Assassin’s Creed – Xbox 360 Review

One of the biggest games of the end of the year. By ubisoft the same people behind prince of persia and splinter cell and the rainbow 6 franchise’s Let’s try this new franchise out and see how it stacks up.   Time to get dirty!

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Half life 2: Portal REVIEW!

Following closely on the heels of the HL2 Ep2 Review is the Portal review. Since this comes packaged with orange box, it’s a no brainer i’d be reviewing it here.

Lets get picky!

Actually This won’t be a huge indepth review becuase portal is well.. not a large or deep in scope game. That really is my only gripe about it! It’s fairly short.

The game begins with you in a small room with glass windows, a test subject. Remeniscent of THX-1138. All you have is an alarm clock and some kind of sleeping pod and then a female digital, yet harmonicly pleasent, voice comes over the intercomm. It begins to instruct you on what to do. And it keeps instructing you. That is essentially the game. There is no real fast paced action, no guys to shoot and kill, no guns to shoot at all actually. Except for the small portal unit you will get.


Half life 2 Episode 2 Review!

It’s finally arrived! later than expected. Half life 2 Episode 2 and Portal!

 Starting off our first review here at Picky Ass Gamer is a game that, well, was hard for me to be picky over! Lets start off with Half life 2 Ep2.

When we last left our hero, he was on a train escaping the city before the large explosion took place at the citidel. Did he survive? Well obviously or we wouldn’t be here 🙂 The episode starts out with you in the train wreckage trying to get out and alex outside helping you. (there was a small re-cap of previous events since it has been a while for some of us)