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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 – PSP – Review

I’m one of those Naurto Fans like a lot of people and I’ve been playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2  So i thought I would give the 2ndgame to the test so it’s time to get dirty with the ninja’s. 



lego Indiana Jones – PSP – Review

I’m like a lot of people who are really in to the Lego star wars games and now they’ve put together a Lego Indiana Jones game now it’s time to get dirty with this game.


WTF – Work time fun – PSP review

I’ve been busy as of late reviewing a lot of games so I was looking for a game to try out that was a good waste of a few minutes I think I found that with this game WTF – work time fun the name Explains it all Time to Get to reviewing it


God of War Chains of Olympus *PSP REVIEW*

Ahhh the chains that bind… God of war strikes on the PSP.. Is it a killer app? One that can bring the masses to the PSP? Or is it just shades of Olympus?… My short but sweet review after the break!


Beats – PSP – Reviewed

I’ve never heard of beats till the other day when I noticed it.  thought what the hell ill give it a try. Might be worth it or not let’s find it out is it just another music rhythm game?


Lego Starwars 2 – PSP – Review

Well, it’s been out for a while and i started watching the star wars movie so i had a urge to play it and thought what the hell let’s review it. Time to get Dirty with The Lego Universe


Down Stream Panic PSP – Reviewed

Well been a few weeks since my last review I’ve been pretty addicted to this game down stream panic I seen the previews for it a few weeks back and it looked like a cross between lemmings and loco roco then a cross with worms so I had to give it a try so here’s my review of this thing.