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Naruto Gamer Graffix Skin – Xbox 360 – Review

I Recently started putting skins on my consoles and my handhelds  I didn’t really think i would ever skin my Xbox 360 then yesterday i was at best buy and i spotted a Naruto Skin by Gamer Graffix  I MUST HAVE IT! first thought So i bought it time to get to reviewing it 




Updates & What Millenniums Been playing

Sorry I haven’t posted any new reviews as of late. I’l be posting the following In a few days Working on finishing all these games

I’m working on finishing right now

360 – Mass effect , Rockband

PSP – Family guy , Jackass the game , Atari Collection , Slient hill , WWE Raw vs smackdown 08 , ThrillVille

DS – Legend of Zelda : Phantom hour glass

Wii – Mario Galaxy

PC – COD 4 (My personal review of it) , Crysis , Universe at War Earth Assualt, Unreal Tournament 3

Rockband Or not? A sad day!

I was Planning on reviewing Rockband In the next few days But I’m like many of us Who has a Defective Guitar. So Just a heads up Rockband Will be Reviewed. till then i’ve got a bunch of other reviews i’l post till i get my RMA back from EA and MTV.

To bad the Game so far is Great Except for the faulty equpment. More reviews Comming so stay tunes!

Welcome, To Picky ass Gamers

Hello, Welcome to our new site We Will be posting new Reviews , our random Ramblings , and news on gaming very soon.