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New DS Lite colors Coming out soon

June For Europe and No ETA for the USA. I want the GREEN ONE!!!


Mario Kart: Mario Kart Wii Hits US On April 27

It’s launching on April 27, 2008 Much better. By my watch that has it 16 days after the European release

Updates & What Millenniums Been playing

Sorry I haven’t posted any new reviews as of late. I’l be posting the following In a few days Working on finishing all these games

I’m working on finishing right now

360 – Mass effect , Rockband

PSP – Family guy , Jackass the game , Atari Collection , Slient hill , WWE Raw vs smackdown 08 , ThrillVille

DS – Legend of Zelda : Phantom hour glass

Wii – Mario Galaxy

PC – COD 4 (My personal review of it) , Crysis , Universe at War Earth Assualt, Unreal Tournament 3

Rockband Or not? A sad day!

I was Planning on reviewing Rockband In the next few days But I’m like many of us Who has a Defective Guitar. So Just a heads up Rockband Will be Reviewed. till then i’ve got a bunch of other reviews i’l post till i get my RMA back from EA and MTV.

To bad the Game so far is Great Except for the faulty equpment. More reviews Comming so stay tunes!