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New DS Lite colors Coming out soon

June For Europe and No ETA for the USA. I want the GREEN ONE!!!


WTF – Work time fun – PSP review

I’ve been busy as of late reviewing a lot of games so I was looking for a game to try out that was a good waste of a few minutes I think I found that with this game WTF – work time fun the name Explains it all Time to Get to reviewing it


Ratchet and Clank Future tools of destruction *PS3 REVIEW*

Okay I finished Ratchet and clank Future tools of destruction a while ago and I just never got around to writing the review! So here is going to be a short take on this game for the PS3. I’ll keep it short, I swear.. Did I mention it would be short?…


God of War Chains of Olympus *PSP REVIEW*

Ahhh the chains that bind… God of war strikes on the PSP.. Is it a killer app? One that can bring the masses to the PSP? Or is it just shades of Olympus?… My short but sweet review after the break!