We are gamers who enjoy our games. We will review and play pretty much anything and even bitch a little about the details. Here’s a Little background on us

 Millennium – 27 – Oregon

I’ve been gaming since i was 7 when i got my first NES and then moved on to the genesis and turbo Graphic 16 and so on. I’m mostly a pc gamer first person shooters and RPG’s (Guild Wars , Diablo) I also enjoy western themed games and scifi. The last year and a half I been totally in to my Xbox 360 and the Xbox platform. I also own a Wii and a DS & PSP and enjoy Them as well. I Feel That a Lot of review sites kiss the asses of the Publishers and Developer’s Just because they are a Big Name company. But Why Crank out the same Game Every year and slap a 60$ Price tag on it. We’re is the Originality? We’re is the Moneys worth? That’s Why I’m here To Voice my opinion on Subjects Like that.


Jinx – 29 – Washington

I’ve been gaming since I got my first my nintendo NES back in 87.. No i lie.. I was doing mountain climber one of those texas instrument keyboard computer things back ealier… But the NES really opened my eyes up, I guess i had allways seen the occaisonal arcade game as well but i was a home gamer through and through. I work in the games industry as well, so i feel very pasionate about the games. I have terrible grammar and spelling and type fast and sloppy 🙂 so excuse the reviews, the spellcheck on this site does not seem to work..

Basically this site is run by me and Mill, we split our reviews.. he’s a 360 fanboy i’m a ps3 fanboy, we come together somewhere in the middle. We dont write our reviews the same, and often times we wont review the same game, but its okay you’ll understand it mostly 🙂  WE try to be different from the ‘paid’ review sites as they get the games for free, and i dont think can be quite as objectionable as someone who’s actually BOUGTH the game and gave up their 59 bucks to play this game… AFter all having  a game handed to you can make you far more lenient on it!

We dont make any money doing this and at this point are not being given any thing to review, if we are given anything in the future we will review it with the same scruttany that we use for the games we’ve paid for.

Right now our domain only lets us forward one email, so send any inquiries or questions to jinx@pickyassgamer.com



3 Responses to “About”

  1. 2 Tj April 1, 2008 at 8:48 am

    This Web Site is really good… The writers seem to know what they are alking about… KEEP up the good work

  2. 3 Gordon April 30, 2008 at 4:46 am

    Hey man, its me Killa from our website we ran together a while back, WiFi Revolution. Love what you’ve done to pickyassgamer.com and great job on everything. Everything seems so professional, keep up the great work! Cheers mate.

    -Killa (Gordon)

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